Why You Should Still Dress Like You’re Dating

girlfriend dressing boyfriend It’s amazing when couples in relationships begin to get more comfortable with one another, they also get comfortable with their wardrobe selection.

You should remember to still dress like you’re dating more often than dressing as if you have no one to impress.

Attraction for most people is a combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities your partner possesses. When you dress for a first date, you typically put a lot more time and consideration into making sure you give your date that “Wow!” factor.

He’s clean shaved, hair perfectly coiffed, pants are pressed and the belt matches the shoes. She’s got a fresh mani/pedi, found the perfect pumps to match her handbag and wearing a new dress, just so she can give him that ideal first impression.

When you dress like you’re dating, you have in the back of your mind: “I hope she notices the new tie I bought.” “Does he find me attractive?”

You care about your appearance and hope your partner appreciates it. When you begin to let things go, you go out without a lot of consideration for your appearance.

Leave Your “Lazy Day” Wardrobe at Home


It’s Saturday afternoon and you decide to take a trip to the grocery store. Maybe she throws on her most unflattering pair of guy sweats & a baggy t-shirt, while he’s got his not-so-impressive jeans with mismatched socks and slogan t-shirt with a coffee stain. Although that’s a little extreme, this has happened to many couples and your partner notices it. Your partner is all of a sudden looking at you thinking, “Where did the person go who I actually found attractive?”

Sloppiness is a sign of laziness, and this is never an attractive quality. Some key questions to ask yourself when choosing your outfit with your partner when going out are:

  1. Would I be embarrassed to meet the parents in this outfit?
  2. Does what I’m wearing match/coordinate?
  3. What impression am I giving my partner by wearing this?

This does not mean that you’re not able to dress comfortably with your partner, but you do need to pay attention to the little things such as cleanliness, hygiene, style, appropriateness and personality.

If you used to “dress to impress” while you were dating, and all of a sudden “dress to clean the house,” you will appear like a fraud to your partner. What’s more important is your partner believes your choice in clothing represents your feelings about your self worth. When you stop caring and paying attention to the small things, your partner will assume this is your attitude about life in general.

You should dress like you’re still dating, because it’s one of the reasons why your partner noticed you in the first place.

About Carmelia Ray

Carmelia is a dating, matchmaking & relationship expert, with over 20 years experience working in the dating industry. She has personally interviewed over 60,000 singles all over North America and is a published author.
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