Top 3 Worst Online Dating Profile Examples

Top Worst Online Dating Profiles A recent statistic posted on Statistic Brain stated that 40 million people in the U.S have tried online dating at least once (source). Now, that’s a lot of online dating profile examples to go through! Within those are the good, the bad and the ugly. In this post, I’ll be highlighting the top 3 worst online dating profile examples.

I’ve personally seen my share of the worst online dating profile examples from both a user’s perspective and as a matchmaker searching for potential partners for some of my clients.

They say that 1 in 5 couples successfully meet through online dating; so there’s hope for everyone online to find what they’re looking for. Unless, of course, your profile resembles any one of these online dating profile examples I’m about to reveal to you.

In which case, you’re probably among the 4 out of 5 who will have a challenge with online dating.

1. The TMI Profile

Have you ever read an online profile and thought to yourself,  “OMG I cannot believe this person just said that!” Or you are looking at an array of photos so strange that you automatically assume someone must have hacked the profile posted nothing but inappropriate, unflattering and extremely revealing photos of this person doing some pretty freakish things?

This is a prime example of what a “too much information” profile could look like. If you (guys) think a photo of yourself getting wasted with a bunch of your friends while grabbing your junk with your middle finger up is cool, think again. Or if you’re (ladies) bent over in the shortest mini that reveals the color of your underwear while facing the camera, rocking a duck face, think again. It really doesn’t work.

These may be very extreme examples of the TMI profile, but they do exist on many online dating sites. I’m not sure if you want people to know you have a bit of a wild side; but these are definitely not the photos you want to be using to attract a decent partner.

If you write on your profile that you hate kids, you haven’t talked to your mother in years, or you’re part of an anger management support group, I expect your inbox won’t have much activity.

Your online dating profile should highlight your best attributes and leave out any serious and very personal issues you might have.


Those are conversations saved for a face-to-face discussion, after you’ve had the opportunity to know the person better.

2. The Fill in the Blanks Profile

These are the profiles that look like you’ve only answered the basic minimal requirements. It’s obvious you’ve made minimal effort to fill in the blanks. The compatibility tests are either incomplete or you haven’t even started them. When you don’t fill out your online dating profile thoroughly, using careful thought and consideration, you stand a very good chance of being looked over.

For anyone who’s taken the time to perfect their profile, they will translate your sparingly filled profile to pure laziness. They might also assume you’re not serious and not concerned about meeting someone. You’re categorized as an Internet “browser” and not an active dater. Your online dating profile is what online daters are reading to determine if you’re someone they want to message or use their credits on, and they need information to make that decision.


If you couple a “barely there” profile with a bad profile picture, it’s just a recipe for online dating failure.

3. The Player Profile

You can spot a player’s profile a mile away. If you’ve got a player’s profile it reeks of ego. It’s all about what you want and the demands you place on the women or men you’re after. “Stand in line ladies. I may not get back to you right away, unless you’re hot.” Or from the ladies, “I only respond to photos describing your occupation, income and the kind of car you drive.”

It’s clear in the player’s profile it’s more about what they possess and what they want their partner to have materially and physically. It doesn’t speak much for values and lifestyle compatibility. Anyone seeking a long-term relationship or a relationship with any substance at all will look at your profile and pass it off as too challenging or superficial.

They know you’re only concerned with what they have, and not who they are and what they offer outside of material and financial assets. Even if your relationship goals right now are to meet, date and have fun; most people are looking to meet someone they have an opportunity to develop into something “more” with.

If you’re saying things like, “I’m just seeing what’s up”, “I’m looking for fun”, “I want to see where it goes, and take it one day at a time”, or “I’m not sure what I want, and I’m new to the scene”, it screams “dater beware” and you might turn off a lot of people who aren’t interested in investing their time and resources on someone who appears to be on the lookout for greener grass.

I could go on with the list of the worst online dating profiles, which I will uncover and touch base on in the near future, but for now, I want you to focus on finding a way to stand out in a positive way. Don’t throw up on your profile by revealing all the things you dislike and can’t stand. Make sure you pay careful attention to all the questions.

Take the necessary time to complete your online dating profile. And remember, don’t pose as someone who’s focused on quantity over quality. It’s not a good look.

Final Words: Although there are millions of online dating site profiles to browse through, you will get a lot more attention appearing to be interested in dating for the long haul and not for the sprint.

About Carmelia Ray

Carmelia is a dating, matchmaking & relationship expert, with over 20 years experience working in the dating industry. She has personally interviewed over 60,000 singles all over North America and is a published author.
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