Seriously, Does Online Dating Really Work?

Does Online Dating Really Work? It’s no secret that online dating comes with its fair share of skeptics and doubters. Many singles avoid signing up for the medium; with the mindset that online dating couldn’t possibly work. Rather than signing up and enjoying the benefits of a busy and fulfilled dating life, these same people opt to continue on the paths that they are currently on, hoping that one day the right person will come along.

Well call me crazy, but I am a firm believer in taking proactive approaches in life. Sitting around and waiting for the right person to come along has the potential to leave someone growing old, lonely, and unfulfilled, as the best years of his or her life pass by. In this article I am going to debunk some of the fears that people have about whether or not online dating will actually work, and will provide some advice that will help you to find that special someone.

Online Dating Isn’t Filled with Crazy and Desperate People

The first notion that must immediately be removed from your mind is that online dating is a medium filled with crazy and desperate people. This is completely false. Yes, once upon a time when dating sites were in their infancy, there was a shortage of quality people. Members were barely one step above the quality of singles that were found in a newspaper personal.

Well times sure have changed. Sign onto Lavalife these days and you will singles of all statuses and standings in life, with amazing personalities to boot. The majority of members are anything but desperate. They are simply singles looking for love and happiness just like everyone else in life. If there is one thing you never need to worry about, it’s finding an abundance of quality people, especially on reputable and enduring sites such as Lava Life.

Stop Thinking That Online Dating “Isn’t Natural”

The next thought you must remove from your head when contemplating whether or not online dating works, is the false notion that online dating isn’t “natural.” If I had a dollar for every person I heard make this absurd comment, I’d be a rich man.

These irrational thoughts are due to a lifetime of mainstream media and Hollywood movies programming into our minds notions of how we are “supposed to meet.” But let’s be real, life isn’t a movie, and not everyone bumps into the love of their life by some random coincidence and falls in love forever.



In real life, you must make your own luck and take proactive movements in your love life in order to avoid solidarity.

Online dating is the perfect forum to take this proactive approach. But even more importantly, we are in an era where online dating is completely “natural.” We live in a world that is more technology driven then ever, with singles working longer hours than ever, leaving less time to actually go out and search for that special someone. This is why men and women all over the world have been turning to online dating for years in huge numbers.



Meeting at bars and clubs is quickly becoming the old-fashioned way of meeting people, with online dating becoming the new and “natural” way to meet.

Now that we’ve firmly established online dating is both natural, and filled with quality people, its time to learn how to make it work for yourself. When it comes down to it, I have helped people all over the world go from zero success, to achieving more success than they could have ever dreamed possible.

You’ve Got to Put in the Effort to Reap the Rewards

While I could write for hundreds of pages on how to make this happen, the common denominator is that a full and complete effort to reveal your best self must be made at all times. Every picture, email, and word in your profile should combine to tell a complete story about whom you are, should be original, and should be designed to capture the attention of others.

The best way to make online dating work for you is to avoid becoming a walking cliché, and really selling your potential dates on why they should choose you. Online dating should be fun, but it should also be treated just as seriously as anything else you do in life. After all, isn’t finding true love just as important as any other aspect of your life?

Finally, make online dating work for you by being selective with whom you choose to go out with. It’s easy to fall into the temptation of going on as many dates as you can. But if you really want to find true happiness, zone in on the profiles whom you share the most in common with.

When all is said and done, online dating is an amazing medium, and will work for anybody looking to put in a serious effort. And, you should first be sure you’re not making any online dating mistakes. The question is, are you ready to start changing your life?

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I like the cliche point. Don't be a cliche by falling for scammers, getting catfished or even sending naughty photos to strangers and become surprised you've been submitted to some scandalous site (seriously that has to stop). Just stop using online dating like a 13 yr old and you'll be fine!


I met my gf of 2 yrs using online dating and we hit it off right away. Even though it can be hard for some ppl, if you go into the whole thing really thinking that you're gonna make it work then it does. We're happy and living together and would probably not have met if we didn't both try online.


@Cooldude1982 Hey man I me tmy wife online too! I had a few really bad experiences before i met her but it was worth it in the end.

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