How to Balance Dating as a Single Parent Who Works Full Time

How to Date With Kids and a Full Time Job Over 30% of children in the US are raised by single parents, and those parents deserve love too. However, the rules are a little different.

How do you balance dating with the quality time you need to spend with your children, and the attention you have to give your profession? It can be tough – I know! I do it too. Don’t worry, I have you covered.

Here are my tips for dating as a single parent:

1. Get Online

Online dating is the single most convenient way to look for love! As a single parent, you may be unable to go out as often as your single childless friends. Online dating allows you to meet people without even leaving the house. There are even sites that cater specifically to single parents, although all of the popular sites have been successful for my clients with children too!

2. Make the Time

Having kids can be very time consuming! Make sure you are ready to make time to date before you jump in. Ready for a new relationship? Set time aside to grow that relationship and spend time with your new partner. If you can’t commit to spending 1-2 days/nights a week with a special someone, you may need to reassess for now.

3. Be Upfront

Having kids will not be a turnoff to the right person! Be honest and upfront that you have children. Spend the majority of the conversation talking about YOU and your interests, but always be honest.

4. Tell your Friends

Your friends can often be your best resource for meeting people. Let them know you are looking to meet someone. They already know and love you, and may have just the right person in mind for you to meet.

5. Never Ignore Red Flags Because you are Lonely

This applies to all singles, but even more so for those with kids. It can be temping to ignore signs of trouble for the promise of happiness, but you can’t. If they seem abusive, to have a substance abuse issue, or possess any other damaging characteristics, move on.

You may be tempted to be the one to “help” them, but you can’t. The risk is too great.

6. No Meet and Greets

For a while. Only introduce them to your children when you know it’s permanent. I’ve had clients that brought their first date home to meet the kids. Depending on their age (especially under 18), this is confusing and damaging.

Vet them yourself first. Make sure they are who you think they are, and make sure they plan on sticking around.

Most of all, have FUN!

About Rachel DeAlto

Rachel DeAlto
Rachel DeAlto is a flirting and communications expert, matchmaker, a dating coach, and the author of the bestseller, Flirt Fearlessly. Rachel is dedicated to helping people communicate more effectively and make better connections and utilizes her skills to help those both in the dating realm as well as in the corporate world. Rachel has been featured on a multitude of media outlets including: The Today Show, CNN/HLN, Access Hollywood, and The Steve Harvey Show.
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