How Picking the Right Fitness Program Can Bring you Closer to Mr. Right

How working out can help you find your guy! Fitness and your mindset surrounding it really do play a huge role in attracting your ideal partner, and for many reasons other than the obvious physical benefits. Yes, if you work out you are going to get a banging bod and probably attract a higher % of the opposite sex. But, there’s A LOT more to it than that…

When seeking a relationship, it’s cliché to say that it “all starts with you”, but it really does. When you love and accept yourself, you emit energy out into the Universe and will magnetize loving and accepting relationships back to you. It’s the law of attraction, and it’s happening every second whether you acknowledge it or not.

Never Underestimate Body Care

So, how do you practice loving and accepting yourself? One way is with body care. Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and avoid toxins.  Body care increases energy and happiness. It also purifies your body and eliminates cravings for unhealthful substances…these unhealthful substances can be in the form of relationships; the more you care for your body the more aware you are of who and what uplifts you and who and what drains you.

This awareness allows you to make intelligent decisions moving forward in life. When we love ourselves, we are powerful enough to only allow the good into our lives. Caring for our bodies empowers us.

Like Attracts Like

When visualizing your ideal partner, you probably imagine qualities such as fitness, ambitious, kindness, success, etc. Well, if that’s what you want in a partner then you need to also exhibit these attributes. The more you work on yourself, the more awesome-ness is going to be attracted to you because “like attracts like”.

Now this is important, so listen up! Fitness is supposed to be fun! When doing anything in life, it’s important to keep a positive mindset. If the idea of going to the gym and running on the treadmill or using the leg press makes you “Ughhh” with a sour look of distaste of your face, then you’re probably not in the proper fitness regimen for you and that is wonderfully fine!

Follow Your Bliss

We are all unique with different likes and dislikes.  One of my favorite philosophers, Joseph Campbell, famously states “follow your bliss”. These 3 words have the answer to many of our deepest yearnings.  “Follow your bliss” is the only guidance you really ever need whether it is love, relationship, or career and it’s also true in fitness.

A successful long term fitness program should be one of grace and optimizes inner health. It should be about self- awareness and building a mind-body connection.   The very best doctor, nutritionist and trainer in the world is yourself, because only you know what’s right for your body, and only you know how you feel. Healthy exercise is about doing what feels right for you and your body today.

It’s also about gratitude- being grateful for the opportunity to exercise and the ability to physically move your body, and having the energy needed to accomplish it. Working out should be like having a conversation with your body and spirit-it should be personal, intimate, and holy, not boring and painfully repetitive.

I invite you to sit in a quiet, dimly lit room. Turn off your phone, computer and any other distractions. Center yourself by focusing on your breath and then imagine yourself in movement. Do you see yourself dancing? Out in nature for a swim or a jog? Weight training? Are you in a competitive soccer or basketball game? A high energy aerobics class? Are you doing hot yoga?

Honor yourself by listening to yourself. Authenticity is important in everything that you do and it creates joy in your experiences which will attract more joy into your life. Practice body care daily in ways that give you pleasure and expect to start meeting some gems who are also honoring you …all because you did first!

If you had no fear, no limitations, no time restraints, how would you choose to move your body today?

About Channa Bromley

Channa Bromley
Channa Serenity Bromley is a Self-Love Coach and WBFF Bikini Pro. Her passion is to help women and children take control of their bodies, minds and spirits, and create balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives. She is dedicated to empowering women to sparkle by falling in love with themselves and making lifestyle changes necessary for their best possible health & happiness.

If I could work out any way imaginable, I think I would want to learn aerial gymnastics. It looks really cool and I follow a few celebrities on Instagram who have started it - I'm so jealous!

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