Get Your Flirt on and Get the Guy

Girl Flirting with Guy Have you ever seen someone that peaked your interest, but didn’t want to appear too desperate or overly interested for fear of turning him off?


The fact is, as a woman, we make all of the first moves whether we realize it or not.

We provide the guys with the green light to start the conversation. We act interested in that conversation to keep it going. We do all of this through flirtation!

Flirting isn’t about seducing a man. It’s about connecting with him on a human level.  Not every flirtation has to lead to anything other than a conversation.

You may flirt naturally, or you may need a bit of a brush up, but either way, getting your flirt on is the key to your dating success.

How To Flirt With Men

So how do you flirt? There are some fundamentals that can send you from wallflower to super flirt almost instantly:

1. Set the Mood

No, not with candles, your mood. Your mindset is the most important key to being a great flirt! Confidence is sexy, and the best flirts are always confident. Not feeling so hot about yourself? Fake it until you feel it. I require my clients to work out and meditate. I don’t care what they look like, I care how they feel.

2. Take Three Seconds

Yep, that’s all it takes. If you make eye contact, smile, and hold it for 2-3 seconds, he will approach if he is interested. Men aren’t looking to continually beat their heads against the proverbial wall – they have been hitting on and getting rejected by us for a lifetime! Let him know that you are open to getting to know him simply by locking eyes.

It may seem awkward at first; after all, eye contact is an extremely intimate act. Practice will make perfect, and it will continue to become second nature.

3. Embrace Your Femininity

Women are kicking butt in the boardroom, but when they take it back to the bedroom, it can cause issues. Men are biologically programmed to be the hunters. Let them hunt! Let them lead! Don’t be aggressively directing the conversation, flirtation, and the date. Mirror his energy and actions, and allow his masculine energy to guide the flirtation.

4. Move Your Body

Flirting is a communication, and as with any communication, the majority is conveyed with your body language. Appearing confident, approachable and warm is key. Square your shoulders off, face the object of your affection, and don’t cross your arms. We are constantly sending subliminal messages – make sure your messages express what you want to say.

Have Fun

Most importantly? Have Fun. Be Fun. Beyond any of the above tips, you always have to remember that flirting and dating should be fun and enjoyable. This isn’t creating the cure for cancer, this is making someone feel like the center of the universe – your universe – for however long you wish to give him that honor. Enjoy the positivity that it can bring into others’ lives….and your own!

About Rachel DeAlto

Rachel DeAlto
Rachel DeAlto is a flirting and communications expert, matchmaker, a dating coach, and the author of the bestseller, Flirt Fearlessly. Rachel is dedicated to helping people communicate more effectively and make better connections and utilizes her skills to help those both in the dating realm as well as in the corporate world. Rachel has been featured on a multitude of media outlets including: The Today Show, CNN/HLN, Access Hollywood, and The Steve Harvey Show.

I love point #1! I agree that if you want to come off as confident and sexy, you have to feel confident and sexy. :)

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